Stretch Marks & Scar Revision

There are many people with stretch marks and scars that are bothered and embarrassed by their appearance. Your skin may have had to stretch but couldn’t keep up resulting in damage to the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, resulting in a scar. These types of scars are often found on the arms, breasts, belly, and thighs in both men and women. You may have been told there is nothing could be done about these marks, but this theory has changed. There is an effective treatment for this.

The ResurFx non ablative laser is used in the treatment of stretch marks and scars. This fraxel laser will penetrate to the dermis causing your body to heal and produce more youthful skin. The skin will be tighter and firmer, looking smooth and less shiny. The shimmering streaks and scar tissue looks more like normal skin resulting in significantly less noticeable scarring. Optimal results typically require 2 to 3 treatments 1 month apart. Results will leave you feeling more confident in your own skin.

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