Unleash Your Body’s potential

BTL Exilis Ultra, Get the body always wanted!

It’s all about the Ultra.  BTL Exilis Ultra is the Aesthetic Industry’s most advanced, non-invasive device to deliver Radio Frequency and Ultrasound simultaneously.  The BTL system offers body contouring and shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction, and facial skin tightening!!

By combining the radiowave and sonic energies, the treatment is more efficient, safer, more comfortable (it feels like a hot stone massage!), and offers consistent results across a broad range of body types, skin types, BMI indexes and measurable body fat.  No Bruising or Bleeding or Scarring! No Pain! No Down Time!  

You can have a Beach-Ready Body Anytime of the Year

Shape and contour virtually any part of your body in as little as 2 treatments.  Our expert practitioners will customize your treatment plan to ensure you achieve your ultimate goals.  Most patients notice an immediate improvement in skin texture and smoothness, while contouring and skin tightening results continue to improve up to 3 months post treatment.

Who wants a Non-Surgical Face or Body Lift?

BTL Exilis Ultra is also utilized to provide safe and effective skin rejuvenation and tightening from Head to Toe!  The skin tightening treatments provide amazing results in 2 – 4 treatments. Skin laxity and texture is dramatically improved and safe for areas such as lower eyelids!  The combination Radiofrequency and Ultrasound stimulates your body to rebuild its own collagen, providing a more youthful appearance and increasing firmness in the treated areas.  The results are long lasting, as this is your own body’s natural recovery of youthful skin qualities.

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